Formula 1 in 2018

Now that the formula 1 season is over let us take a look at what made headlines and what to look forward to in 2019.

Firstly congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for winning the championship, well deserved. Hamilton was truly in his element this winning 11 grands prix out of 21 races with 17 podiums , taking 11 pole positions, breaking the record for the fastest lap in Abu Dhabi. He really worked hard and at the end it all payed well. Also congratulations to the Mercedes f1 team for taking the honors.

Young Max Verstappen shined this year, he made eleven podiums seven more than last years , winning two races. Even though he had a little out burst during the Brazilian grand prix with fellow f1 racer Esteban Ocon which had the media questioning his ability to control his emotions, however that incident did not have negative impact on his last race as he managed to make the podium ending off a good season on a high. While Max was not the only one making headlines for wrong reasons Sébastian Vettel and his weighbridge offence which costed him €25000 made headlines in the motorsports universe.

Fernando Alonso retirement from f1, making the 2018 season his last. He may have not ended his f1 career on a high, he did have a great career of which he made a total of 97 podiums with 32 wins, 122 pole positions, 23 fastest laps and two championships. #GraciasFernando

We also had racers changing teams, Daniel Ricciardo left redbull for Renault and Kimi Raikkonen left Ferrari for Sauber.

With Alonso leaving opening a spot for a new driver, and how will Kimi and Daniel perform in their new teams?. Or will the Mercedes team still has the winning duo in Lewis and valtteri . And how will the young drivers perform, who is going to be the 2019 breakout star. This year was an eventful, recording breaking, entertaining season, I can not wait for 2019.

Share with me your 2018 f1 highlights. #f1break


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