Who I am and why I am here.

Hello, I am a 24 year old psychology student who dreams of becoming an accomplished sport psychologist or journalist. I enjoy reading and writing, music and a good game. Growing up in my family no one played sports but every game day we would be glued to our TV  creens watching as a result I have never played sports but I know a lot. My father loves wrestling and my mother and siblings are all in to soccer me included , when I got in high school I was introduced to cricket, motorsports, basketball and athletics, since then my love and knowledge of sport has grown. I have felt more comfortable on the sidelines rather than on the field even though sometimes I wished I could play.

This blog is going to be about sport, I am going to share about the memories I have, the best and crazy sporting moments in history. I will also touch a little on trending topics and everything else involving sports.

What makes this blog special is I don’t focus on one sport but on different kinds out there and I mainly give my personal opinion  . I hope to learn and better understand more about the world through sport. I hope everyone enjoys and support me on this journey. Thank you.


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